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Smart Stack Containers


Vertub Smart Stack Tubs are a multi-use steel container used as storage, shelving, and bins for parts storage that will improve efficiency and convenience in your facility. They have been tried and tested in a large scale manufacturing facility over the past 3 years where their performance has excelled. They are moveable, stackable, accessible, and save on space.

They make a great replacement or alternative to traditional pallet racking and are a versatile and wise investment for your business. The tubs are currently available in 2 designs (bolt together and welded) with 3 standard sizes. Custom sizing and colors are available upon request.

• compact

• stackable

• versatile

• reusable

Vertub Smart Stack Containers

Smart Stack Containers by Vertub

Vertub Smart Stack Containers are a great innovation and invention for storing product and for giving needed support to a production line. These ergonomically engineered containers with their easy stacking and simple moving carts are one of a kind, with no other design close to it on the market.

Smart Stack Tubs Vertub's Smart Stack Container

Smart Stack Containers Solve Storage Problems

All manufacturing processes start out with cutting a specific part or
widget and being able to move those same parts onto the next process
with ease. Using the Smart Stack user-friendly containers allows those
same parts to be easily moved or stored at your next workstation.
"Pallets were a problem in our manufacturing facility," said one of our
many customers. "The Vertub Smart Stack metal containers moved
our manufacturing into the 21st century. They are designed to give a
forward look to manufacturing. They simplified, saved space and made
our facility more organized and safer."

Smart Design

Vertub Smart Stack has the solution. The ergonomically designed cut out
angles and bends of the Smart Stack Container make it easy to stack. Smart
stack Containers are a robust ridged sheet metal container designed to always stack uniformly. No matter the angle,
it will always self-locate to create a uniform clean look. Get it close and set it down - the Smart Stack aligns itself!

Smart Stack Containers Are User-Friendly

Smart Stack Containers are some of the easiest containers on the market to move. They can be moved with pallet jack, forklift, hoist or Vertub Smart Stack Carts. The containers are accessible from all sides. Smart Stack Containers also have the flexibility to dump products and materials out using a hoist.

Smart Stack Containers Are Easily Visible and Accessible

Smart Stack Containers with their angled sides are designed for you to easily see the contents within the container. If used for storage, viewing contents within them is easy. If used in production, it allows multi-level access to multiple products.

Vertub Smart Stack Bins

Smart Stack Containers Clean Up Factory Mess

Vertub Smart Stack Containers can clean up your pallet mess and store your product parts smarter, cleaner and safer, all while saving valuable workspace. They are a super-strong robust storage system that can hold up to 6,000 lbs. and still be stacked. Smart Stack Containers and carts allow individuals to work with multiple products at once.

Smart Stack Containers Are Durable

Vertub Smart Stack Containers can handle the daily wear and tear of any operation and are a better solution for helping any manufacturing facility. From raw materials to finished product the Smart Stack Containers can carry your product simply, smarter and safer.

Smart Stack Containers Bolt Together

Smart Stack Containers have a bolt-together design that allow them to be easily unbolted and folded down to maintain maximum space savings at your facility. They are a smart, simple, safe and efficient design for organizing and adding efficiency to your workflow. They are also designed to be lifted up from all directions, making them easy to maneuver and stack. This allows you to maintain maximum space saving in your facility. A strong welded version of Smart Stack container is also available.

Bolt-Together Smart Stack Containers

Rolling Carts Are Available For Smart Stack Containers

You can place your Smart Stack container on a Smart Stack Rolling Cart that allow the containers to be easily positioned at the workstation.

Custom Sizes Available

Vertub offers a standard size as well as custom sizes. They can also be custom-made to fit your operation. Bigger or smaller, it's no problem - lighter-duty or heavy-duty as well; they can all be designed to fit your needs in width, length and depth. Vertub offers a bolt-together Smart Stack Container that gives you the same strength simplicity and safety as the
welded version of Smart Stack containers.

Vertub Smart Stack Cart Smart Stack Cart

Advantages Of Vertub Smart Stack containers

• Safe and easy to stack

• Easy to access parts from all four sides

• Easy to pick up with overhead hoists, pallet-jack or with a forklift

• Better organization

• Easily to move tub location

• Safe and user-friendly way to handle your parts

• Tubs will save you hours of time - eliminating re-handling of parts

• Tubs are easy to restock

• Tubs are designed for visibility - parts can be seen from all four sides

• Parts may never have to leave the tub

• Parts can stay in the tub, stacked up at multiple high levels

Broken Pallets

The Old Way . . .

Not realizing what you thought was free is actually costing your company
time and money. Why do manufacturers use wood pallets? Every active
manufacturing facility gets shipments in daily requiring them to have to
remove their parts off a wood pallet. It is now their responsibility to get
rid of the wood pallet. We all think the pallets are free and why not use
the free wood pallet in our manufacturing process!

What Wood Pallets Are Designed For

Wood Pallets are designed to place your parts or components in a secure
manner for shipping purposes and so they can easily be lifted with a pallet
lift or forklift and loaded on or off a truck for delivering goods throughout
the country.

Reusing Wood Pallets Acquired From Previous Shipments

Previously used pallets are not designed to fit your manufacturing flow and do not stack safely. Wood in a metal shop is not a good combination and they don't allow for even stacking. If you are using wood pallets to get by . . . "It's Costing You Hidden Dollars!"

Wood Pallets Used In Manufacturing Cost You Money

Wood pallets are easy to find and inexpensive. But are they safe? They can crack, nails can let loose and boards will fall off decreasing the structural integrity of the pallet and creating an unsafe working environment. Wood Pallets are often used in excess of their own design and lifespan.

Wood Pallets Were Not Designed For Manufacturing Processes

Pallet racking is not always the most effective space saving solution as some materials in your manufacturing plant may be of different size or quantities resulting in dead space at your pallet rack.

Wood Pallets And Forklifts

Pallets are typically moved by forklift or fork trucks that slam the forklift mast into the vertical supports that can lead to fractures and cracking of the boards. Pallets can be heavily encumbered with too much weight that also will lead to cracking, loosening and breaking boards.

Wood Pallets Are A Tripping Hazard

Pallets can also be a tripping or stumbling hazard that can lead to injuries from people walking on or stepping on a pallet and lodging their foot or ankle in the cracks of a damaged wooden pallet.

Pallet Racking - Problems

Wood Pallets Used In Welding Areas

When using pallets in metal-working areas, hot parts placed on them or sparks
falling on pallets or from other hot work zones create a fire risk.

Dead Space

Dead space is the space from the top of the product or material you are
storing to the next layer of pallet racking - this is wasted storage real estate.
Dead space is often overlooked, causing a manufacturer to lose valuable
manufacturing space.

Double Stacking Pallets

Double stacking pallets with parts on requires use of a forklift and is unsafe.
It is impossible to visually see or count the parts easily.

Wired or Corrugated Containers Are Not User-Friendly

Corrugated boxes with alignment pegs are not ergonomically designed for easy
stacking. Wired or corrugated containers are negatively relegated with their forms and standard sizes and gauges.
You may find that time will be wasted while you attempt to locate all four alignment pegs to their proper location.

Message From The Owner

Vertub Smart Stack material handling and storage containers went through rigorous daily testing at a door manufacturing facility since early 2015. We now have 500 in circulation covering five different size variants. Vertub Smart Stack Containers and accessories are now available for you to make your manufacturing facility smarter, simpler and safe.