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Vertub Roof Rake

If you live or work in a region where heavy snow and ice are the norm, all that extra weight can take a toll on your roof leading to thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs. To ensure your buildings and building foundations can stay safe against damage caused by too much snowload on your roof, Vertub Snow Rake's high-quality roof rakes can take the stress out of winter.

Using a Vertub Snow Rake is a safe, smart and easy solution to remove snow from your property quickly and is crucial to protecting your buildings from damage. Even more alarming, when you try to remove snow from a roof by climbing on the roof it can lead to serious injury and even death from falls, heart attacks or from breaking through the roof from your added body weight on the structure.

Vertub, a company also well known for it production of Vertub Smart Stack Containers, has engineered its snow rake with a 8 ft. light gauge robust steel reinforced blade. It can extend anywhere from 16 ft. to 22 ft. out from where the 3" x 6" square tube mast attaches easily to a Telehandler, Payloader or tractor fork attachments.

Smooth rolling four-inch Phenolic wheels yield a strength-to-weight ratio that ride 1.5" above the roof surface to avoid damage to roof sheeting or roof screws. Larger wheels are available to match your roof design. These solid rubber wheels are attached to each side of the blade allowing it to hold a lot of weight and create the strength and shape necessary to carry heavy loads without applying any down-pressure to the roof.

Vertub Snow Rakes can be ready for delivery or pickup one week after placing an order. Depending on size, cost begins at $1,600.

For more information on Vertub Snow Rake's or Vertub Smart Stack Containers, call (320) 905-3584.