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Snow Telehandler Rake

Roof Rake


8X16foot long roof rake for telehandlers

Total weight 280 pounds

Free floating pivot point to reduce pressure on roof

Comes with rubber rollers on the sides

$1600.00 Plus shipping or delivery

Custom sizes available

Snow Roof Rake Snow Removal Rake
hole driller

Auto Drill


10 hole multi drill

10- drill bits simultaneously drilling

Simple liner depth adjustment

Inquire on pricing

auto hole driller auto hole drillers
STS combine Hitch

Combine Hitch


Heavy Duty John Deere 70 Series and S series telescoping combine hitch.

6 foot reach heavy duty Header tow hitch

Easy to install

Bolts directly to real axel

$650.00 plus shipping

Bolt Racks

Bolt Bins


Heavy duty stackable bolt racks.

Made with a durable ¼ inch plate.

They can be stacked up 6 high

2 foot by 8 foot long accessible on either side.

Bolt containers sold separately

Rated for 3000lbs per layer

$275.00 Per layer

Bolt Rack
forklift snow plow

Forklift plow


72" width and 31" tall snowblade

Works with any forklift or skid loader

forklift snow pusher fork lift snowblade
Grain Buddy by Vertub


Grain Buddy